No Rain For No Moon

8:30 PM
Zum Eck, Spitalstrasse 32, Basel, Switzerland
No Rain For No Moon
No Rain For No Moon
Demetre Gamsachurdia – alias Bgerosani

No rain for no Moon

For keys and tape


Zum Eck, thursday March 31 2022

20:30 doors open

Composition and performance: Demetre Gamsachurdia


“Sounds… Free, as a human being might be free. They should breathe… and not being used for the vested interests of an idea.”

Morton Feldman


“No Rain For No Moon” is an acoustical journey which pays homage to the music of Morton Feldman.
In a world of contest for attention, this concert invites the listeners to guide their intent through a timeless sound world in the way they see fit.
“No Rain For No Moon” is a place of reduction of what we perceive as action.
Microtones placed in specific ways create a space which sounds both strange and familiar.
The search for detachment of one to one sound and idea is an exploration process which can lead to the experience of peace inside.

Photography by Guido J. Wasser · Art Design & Animation by BentFlameGeometry